Managing information is hard.  Everyday we struggle with the dual problem of being constantly bombarded with too much, useless information and, at the same time, we seem to be desperately searching for the key facts we need to understand issues, connect with the right people and make decisions.

For large organizations seeking to provide information to to their employees, business partners and suppliers this problem is amplified, since each person has their own unique needs.  PoIMNotes is a blog site that explores the various issues around managing information for organizations.  It will cover information architecture, governance, security, data oriented regulations and ethics of information use.

The observations and opinions on this site are my own.  Although I work for IBM, these blog entries do not necessarily reflect IBM’s point or view, nor its capability.

Mandy Chessell CBE FREng CEng FBCS

A note on the photographs featured on this site

The photographs are my own.  They were taken on my travels around the world to beautiful and wild places.  Although I love technology, it is important to remember that we are a part of the natural world and we should not loose that connection.

License for the material on this site is CC BY 4.0.